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When we designed the Imperial Go
Golf Course

When we designed the Imperial Golf Course at Lippo Karawachi we wanted an original golf course which not only related well to its surrounding community but which was a creation that was actually part of this community.

As Master Planner for the project we were looking for identity. I determined that a formal island surrounded by an equally formal lake, surrounded by a more relaxed golf course would form a strong identifying symbol for the community.

The course itself has a theme history of Indonesia, and this was told by overt symbols which hark back to the symbols on the Old Course in St.Andrews, Scotland. The strategic value of the holes are independent of these symbols but also owe allegiance to St.Andrews.

The course is designed so that each hole is a separate event, an individual theater where every golfer can give his maximum performance. We were determined not only to make the course a work of art but to arrange it so that the golfer could have once of the best days of his life when he played Imperial.

We hope you the player will enjoy the course as much as we did designing it.

Mr. Desmond Muirhead
Golf Course Architect

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 HOLE 1 - "Start up"  --  Par 4 - 381 Yards  HOLE 2- "Merdeka"  --  Par 4 - 453 Yards

Hole 1 Detail  |  Hole 1 Photos

This 381 yard opening hole eases you into to your round.  The hole is a simple dog leg right with a left to right green. Most players will need an eight or nine-iron to a receptive green. This is a pleasant informal introduction to the course and its architect.

Hole 2 Detail  |  Hole 2 Photos

A long par four which requires a two straight shots to a wide diagonal green with a deep bunker on the right. The grass wall behind will encourage the golfer to go for the green with a long iron.
 Hole 3- "Garuda"  --  Par 4 - 416 Yards  Hole 4 - "Pulau"  --  Par 4 - 353 Yards

Hole 3 Detail
  |  Hole 3 Photos


An interesting par four over a hill dog-legging right to a green without bunkers nestling below. A well-controlled approach will be needed to hold the green which slopes away from the golfers

Hole 4 Detail  |  Hole 4 Photos

This multiple choice par four consist of a drive to an island in the lake or safe way around it. The second shot from the island will be to a green sloping toward you, or a longer iron from the fairway to a green sloping away.
 Hole 5 - "Temple"  --  Par 3 - 157 Yards  Hole 6 - "Batugamelin"  --  Par 5 - 535 Yards

Hole 5 Detail  |  Hole 5 Photos

A unique very short par three with a small oval green in a sea of land surrounded by another sea of water. the target is much larger than it looks but an accurate shot is required on this all or nothing hole.

Hole 6 Detail  |  Hole 6 Photos

A long straight par five with out-of-bounds on the left. A wide, narrow green will require a demanding second shot but is receptive to a well placed third shot.


 Hole 7 - "Cirebon"  --  Par 3 - 162 Yards  Hole 8 - "Krakatoa"  --  Par 4 - 407 Yards

    Hole 7 Detail  |  Hole 7 Photos

A rather short par three to an elevated, plateaued green surrounded by spiral bunkers. The green is large and slopes in three directions so the pin position must be carefully observed.

     Hole 8 Detail  |  Hole 8 Photos
The fame volcano hole will keep most drives and second shots in play like billiard table. Woe to the player who skies the ball into one of the volcano bunkers. The wide diagonal green has different slopes with each pin position.
 Hole 9 - "Harimau"  --  Par 5 - 563 Yards  Hole 10 - "Bahasa"  --  Par 4 - 357 Yards

     Hole 9 Detail  |  Hole 9 Photos
This long par five skirts the water with an unusual green which projects into the lake and is terminated by a saw-tooth bunker. Most prudent golfers will take three shots to the green on this hole.

    Hole 10 Detail
Hole 10 Photos
A short par four with a wide steep-side fairway. Out-of-bounds to the left and right will bring the right bunker play into play. A mound to the back will hold wedged shots in the green which has several different pin positions.
 Hole 11 - "Sawah"  --  Par 5 - 514 Yards  Hole 12 - "Ratih"  --  Par 4 - 409 Yards

    Hole 11 Detail
 | Hole 11 Photos
The rice field hole is a potential two short par five with narrow plateaued targets. The golfer is rewarded with better views and lies by keeping the ball in play with every chance of a birdie from a second shot to the green.

      Hole 12 Detail | Hole 12 Photos
This famous woman hole, known as Madonna, requires two elegant shots which befits the theme here. The green is surrounded by swooping rolling sand requiring a repertoire of interesting bunker shots to the unfortunate.
 Hole 13 - "Komodo"  --  Par 4 - 397 Yards  Hole 14 - "Barongan"  --  Par 3 - 205 Yards

     Hole 13 Detail | Hole 13 Photos
This another water girt par four like number four without an island. The green slopes from right to left and favor a tee shot placed as close to the water as possible.

   Hole 14 Detail | Hole 14 Photos
The mound behind this long par three is the highest point on this formerly flat land. The green undulates. A shot to right or left of the frontal bunker will require a long putt over a roll. A direct shot is thus rewarded.
 Hole 15 - "Kebun Raya"  --  Par 4 - 445 Yards  Hole 16 - "Lotus"  --  Par 3 - 185 Yards

    Hole 15 Detail | Hole 15 Photos
This long par four has no fairway bunkers but the green is longitudinal with several pin positions, and distance-judging on the second shot is a pre-requisite.

    Hole 16 Detail | Hole 16 Photos
This lotus hole is surrounded by sand and water with peninsula tees. The green is framed like a lotus leaf and a tee shot close to the pin is a necessary prelude to a birdie on this hole.
 Hole 17 - "Raja & Panglima"  --  Par 4 - 384 Yards  Hole 18 - "Finale"  --  Par 5 - 584 Yards

    Hole 17 Detail | Hole 17 Photos
This hole is a short par four requiring two accurate shots to a plateaued green. A large sculptural bunker in the landing area will catch tee shots off-line.

   Hole 18 Detail | Hole 18 Photos
A three-shot par five with out-of-bounds left and lateral hazard right. The second shot is over a lake. The green is unique to the history of golf; part on land and part on water, making an infinite variety of second and third shots.